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Prolific Much?

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Nora's Writing Journal
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Writing journal for remember_nomore
Yes, very crazy name but hey, why not. lol.
When I signed up for au100 [Twice!] and joss100 and I realized I needed a place for all my fic...

I bring you simply_shiny

I'll be posting my fics for the challenges here as well as my old fics and anything else I write.

Feedback's nice because I'm a feedback whore. Fic's rating from G to NC-17. You're warned.

I'll put a real bio up here soon.

Only I can post here so don't bother to join, feel free to friend the journal to watch for updates.

Awards & Challenge banners
VampTara/VampLindsey - NC-17

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Coding: Nora
Mood Theme: Tara/Lindsey/Spike by remember_nomore

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