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Kinkathon Entry: Bound [Buffy/Faith/Angel NC-17]

Title: Bound
Author: Nora [simply_shiny/remember_nomore]
Rating: NC-17 [Smut people]
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Angel/Buffy/Faith
Word Count: 2,090
Warnings: It’s for a kinkathon… if you want vanilla go elsewhere
Authors Note: for carlyinrome’s Kinkathon for a2zmom. These aren’t my strongest characters so hopefully I did them some just.
Prompt: Angel/Buffy/Faith, spanking, bondage, clamps & cockring

Angel grunted; his eyes narrowed as he watched Buffy parade around the room in the leather ‘fuck me’ boots that Faith bought her. His eyes trailed over her body that was bare as the day she was born except for one of his previously discarded shirts with the only remaining button closed.

“Careful, Angel. You might hurt yourself with all that manly grunting,” Buffy taunted as she looked away from Faith and over her shoulder at Angel. She couldn’t help but smile as her eyes trailed over his captive form; it wasn’t often that she was able to take control but when she did she took it for all she could.

The sight of both of her lovers bound and at her mercy made her tingle from head to toe. Angel chained to the wall as naked as the day he came back to her, a pair of her pantyhose tied around his mouth for a gag that she knew still smelled of her. Then there was Faith writhing on the bed beside her, her arms and legs tied with leather straps to the headboard, leaving the brunette slayer exposed to her eyes.

With a smile she leaned down and brushed her lips across Faith’s, there was an almost dangerous glint in her eye. “I just love when I come back from slaying to find you two having fun without me…” Her voice was sweet even though the smirk that formed on her lips was wicked. “Just means I get to have some fun with you both now…”

With that, Buffy stood up and walked over to Angel, her hands running over the tight muscles of his outstretched arms as he struggled in chains. “What’s the matter?” His eyes darkened in response, his hips jerking forward just for more contact with her skin. “Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything. I won’t blind fold you.” She licked her lips and pressed her body against his, shoving him against the cement walls of the old mansion and leaving him trapped against her. Slowly she rocked her hips again just to illicit a moan from against his makeshift gag; her nails dragging down his skin hard enough to leave faint red lines in their wake.

Angel felt his bare ass press roughly against the cold stone as her warm fingers made their mark over him, her nails digging into his thighs hard enough to cause muted shocks of pain to his spine. His eyes widened when he watched her trail her tongue along his chest, kissing his navel before pressing her face against his groin, kissing the base of his cock before gazing up at him as if he caught her reading a book.

“Don’t get carried away baby, you’re not going to have it that easy…” Her actions contradicted her words as she took him into her mouth and moved her head slowly. Angel’s eyes closed as he tipped his head back towards the ceiling, his hips pushing forward to get himself deeper into her.

With deliberate slowness, Buffy grasped Angel by the base of his cock and lifted her lips off of him. Her eyes never looked away from his as he watched how much pleasure she was getting by tormenting him. He was so focused on her eyes that he didn’t notice her hand pulling out something from the pocket of the shirt she was wearing.

It wasn’t until the ring was tight at the base of his cock that he knew what she’d done. He started to grunt and struggle against his binds, his eyes boring into hers as she stood up and backed away from him slowly. “I told you,” she reminded him, the warmth between her thighs growing as she watched him struggle almost helplessly.

There was no secret that Angel – nor Faith for that matter – could be held by their binds if they really wanted out. They were there by their own free will and too overtaken by the lust, love and desire they felt for the other to break free.

Buffy teasingly blew Angel a kiss before turning on her heel to focus on her sister slayer and lover. Her breath almost caught in her throat at the sight of her, it was as if she were gazing on a trained stallion for the first time. The way her fists balled up tightly against her leather restraints, her feet pulled up so far that her toes could feel the roughness of the wall behind the large bed.

A low growl escaped Faith’s throat as Buffy stepped closer, their eyes locking as a rough kiss was pressed to her lips, pressing her further back into the bed, her back bucking as she pulls the straps; almost desperate to touch the blonde hair falling over her face. “B…” she rasped, her eyes darkening and knowing she broke the first order she was given when Buffy caught them.

No talking.

“Tisk, tisk, tisk.” Buffy admonished, sitting up as she reached over into the open trunk by the bed. “Guess I’ll have to use this after all.” A smirk crossed her lips as she picked up a long black strap with a snap in the back and a bright red ball in the middle. She reached over to place it over her captive’s mouth only to watch as her head was turned away. “Faith,” she warned and received no answer. Without another word, Buffy reached down and tweaked Faith’s nipple hard, digging her nail into it and pulling hard enough to get Faith to scream. Quickly Buffy pushed the ball past Faith’s lips and snapped it tightly behind he head.

The way Faith was laid out made Buffy think of one of those roast pigs at a luau, trussed up and ready to serve.

With a slight of hand, Buffy reached into the box and pulled something out Faith couldn’t see before moving her way down the bed and settling herself between Faith’s spread thighs. Unable to resist, Buffy leaned down on her elbows and brought her lips so close that she could feel the warmth of her breath against her skin.

Faith’s eyes widened before closing in pleasure as Buffy ran her tongue over her folds, delving deeper each time she moaned and each time missing the spot she wanted Buffy’s tongue. The muscles in the back of Faith’s thighs started to shake as she felt something hard and cool slip inside her just as Buffy’s lips wrapped tightly around her clit. With each pull of her lips, she felt herself become fuller, the strokes becoming harder and unrelenting until she thought she was going to fall over that edge swearing against the gag in her mouth.

Just as Faith started to see stars before her eyes Buffy pushed away, her lips glistening in the dim light even as she looked down at Faith with mischief in her eyes. “Bad girl.” Buffy pulled out the handle to the whip from between Faith’s legs and shook her head. “You didn’t ask if you could….”

With her hand raised high, she brought it down hard against Faith’s exposed ass, the pit of her stomach tingling each time her hand contacted with her bound lovers skin. The feel of it quaking and becoming warmer under her fingers tempted her to lose her dominant act and lose herself in Faith.

A growl from behind her made Buffy turn her head over to Angel, her hand gripping Faith’s reddened ass hard enough to leave white fingerprints in her reddened skin. “Poor Angel…” She smirked, leaning in as she kept her gaze with him, kissing the back of Faith’s thigh. “Don’t make me blindfold you…You’ll miss what’s next.”

It was now Faith’s turn to growl as she pulled her binds to the limit, the look in her eyes told Buffy that when she was untied that all bets were off. That only made the pit of her stomach tingle with endless pleasure.

Buffy got off the bed and made her way over to the box, pulling the one button holding her shirt closed and shedding it next to the bed before pulling out a chain and leather harness. Her eyes darkened with desire as she felt both sets of eyes on her, waiting for her next move.

Without saying a word, Buffy strapped on the harness, remembering how the first time she tried it on she felt silly having the nine-inch phallus hanging from her body. Now, without a care she climbed onto the bed between Faith’s thighs and pressed herself against the woman beneath her. Wickedness filled Buffy’s eyes as she leaned forward and started to kiss and nip at Faith’s neck, her fingers making slow work on her nipples ‘til they were stiff peaks. “I think that I want to take you for a ride, what do you think Faith?” She ran the cold metal along her nipple before holding it open around the aroused flesh. “If you want me to stop, just say it clearly,” she taunted, knowing the gag stopped any words from flowing past her lips; even if it wasn’t there Faith was too stubborn to give in.

She laughed as Faith bucked and moaned under her as the metal bit down on her sensitive skin. Buffy repeated the process before tugging on the chain that connected them, twisting it tight to pull her breasts painfully hard.

While Faith was bucking under her, Buffy pulled her hips back and took advantage of her sister slayer’s position and pressed the tip of her cock against the entrance of her ass.

The room filled with pants and moans as the three of them got closer to the edge of bliss.

Angel’s eyes were transfixed on the women on his bed, the way they writhed and rocked against each other was almost poetry. He knew that out of the three of them Buffy was the least dominant when it came to the bedroom and it always tuned him on when he saw her taking control. Even more so over Faith; the way she responded and accepted everything Buffy gave her and sometimes even begging for more.

The sight was beginning to get too much for him to just stand by and watch; it took all his reserve not to break of the chains and join Buffy and Faith on the bed. It would be so easy for him to slip himself inside of Buffy and make their own rhythm as one.

But he resisted.

His mouth became dry as his eyes met with Faith’s, her eyes filled with lust and desire, her hips bucking up to every thrust of Buffy’s hips and every tug of the clamps. They’d all pay for tonight’s play in the morning, but that was to worry then. Besides the women on the bed, he was focusing his concentration on the ring around the base of his cock, keeping him as hard as he could be but preventing him from coming until it was released. The two were so involved on the bed he didn’t think he would have relief until sunrise or later.

Faith’s body shook on the bed from pain and want as she took everything Buffy gave her. The feel of the thick rubber that was buried almost fully inside her ass made the pit of her stomach ache as her muscles clenched around it, the leather of the harness brushing against her clit each time Buffy leaned forward to pull the chain or bite against her shoulder.

Buffy’s thrusts became faster and they both knew that the end was here; she slipped her free hand between them and rubbed her thumb hard against Faith’s clit, tugging hard on the chain continuously as she picked up the pace of her hips. She was soon slamming herself into Faith hard enough to lift her ass further off the bed.

It wasn’t long before the two women cried out and shuddered as their orgasm ripped through them and echoed against the walls. Angel couldn’t take his eyes off them as the sweat glistened in the light of the room and Buffy collapsed on top of Faith, giving him a full view of her exposed pussy and ass, as well as the sight of Faith’s ass still filled.

Gently Buffy moved up and pulled the gag off of Faith, tipping her head up to kiss her gently on the lips. “That was…”

“Damn,” Faith breathed hard.


“You know you’re next.”

“Am I?”

“Turn about is fair play.”
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That was certainly kinky...
*laugh* Uhhuh, you saw how I managed to get by the fact that I hate Bangel and I can't write Faith. *cough*