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Fic Overview of 2007

I did this last year so I'm going to do it again this year, hopefully I didn't suck this year with my writing count.

The Best Deceptions [Black, Black Hearts] - Lilah/Faith [AtS, PG-13]
Somewhere In Between, Chapter 1 - Lilah, Lindsey, Tara, Wesley [AtS, R]
Somewhere In Between, Chapter 2 - Lilah, Lindsey, Tara, Wesley [AtS, R]
It's Come Down to This - Dean, Harmony with Sam & Lenore [BtVS/SPN Crossover, R]

Solstice - River, Simon, Tara [Pre Firefly/BtVS Crossover, PG]
Thunder - Wesley/Lilah [AtS, PG]
Reflection - Tara [BtVS, PG]

The Hardest Lesson: Restraint - Angel/Tara [AtS/BtVS, NC-17]
Fix You - House/Cameron [House MD, PG]
They Put This Stuff On The Internet?! - Jensen Ackles, Christian Kane, Steve Carlson [RPF, PG]
Thunder Road - Papa Winchester, Wee!Sam, Wee!Dean [Pre SPN, PG]
Void - Lindsey, Angel [AtS, Rish]
Bright Light - Lindsey, Harmony [AtS, R]

Undone - Darla/Lindsey [AtS, R]
Hostage - Justine [AtS, PG-13]
Want - Lindsey/Angel [AtS, R]*
Reminders - Lindsey/Darla [AtS, PG]*
Fresh Start - Lindsey/Tara [BtVS/AtS, PG]*
Evil Dealings - Lindsey/Lilah [AtS, PG-13]*
Dependant - Lindsey/Eve [AtS, PG]*
Infatuation - Cordelia/Lindsey [AtS, PG]*
Bound - Lindsey/Faith [AtS, PG-13]*
Forbidden - Lindsey/Wesley [AtS, PG]*
Second Best - Lindsey/Spike [AtS, PG]*
Blissfully Numb - Lindsey/Angelus [AtS, R]*
Father Figure - Lindsey, Holland [AtS, PG]*
Second Chance - Lindsey, Connor, Dru [AtS, PG]*
Road Side Assistance - Lindsey, Dean [AtS/SPN Crossover, PG-13]*
Companion - Oz, Tara [BtVS, PG]*
A Chance Meeting - Sean Maher/Christian Kane [RPS, PG]*
Take, Have...Now - Chase/Cameron [House MD, PG-13]*
Damaged - House/Cameron [House MD, PG-13]*
Don't Leave - Chase/House [House MD, PG]*
Bachelors - Wilson/House [House MD, PG-13]*
Solace - River/Mal [Firefly, PG]*
Medical Healing - Simon/Mal [Firefly, PG-13]*
Saint & Sailors - River, Badger [Firefly, PG]*
Boomerang [You'll Always Come Back to Me] - Vamp!Tara/Vamp!Lindsey [BtVS/AtS Crossover, NC-17]
How You Are - Cameron/Chase [House MD, PG]
Headlights on Dark Roads, Chapter 1 - Tara, Angel, Lindsey [AtS, PG]

Headlights on Dark Roads, Chapter 2 - Tara, Angel, Lindsey [AtS, PG]
Misunderstood - Tara/Angel [AtS/BtVS, PG]
Somewhere In Between, Chapter 3 - Lilah, Lindsey, Tara, Wesley [AtS, PG-13]

A Simple Moment - Mason/Daisy [Dead Like Me, PG]

*kicks dust bunnies*

The End Has Only Begun - Lilah, Lenore, Lindsey [AtS/SPN Crossover, PG]

Heartbeat - Lindsey, Tara [AtS, PG]
Midnight Whispers - Eve, Darla, Lindsey [AtS, PG]

*kicks dust bunnies*

NaNo Writing - Didn't Finish

First Christmas - Lindsey/Tara/Angel [AtS/BtVS, PG-13]

The fic's with a * are linked into my journal and ar part of a birthday post for strangecreature

Word Count For The Year: 48,705 + 2697 [NaNo] = 51,402 *faints* [Down just under 30,000 words than 06]
Tags: 2007 roundup
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Niiiice! I forgot about the insane productivity of April! :-D Man, what are you talking about, this is seriously impressive! (Like you said, I'll have to take a stroll through here when I've got a minute and figure out which of these I managed to miss.)
It's your fault! *giggle* Yours were over 10 thousand words in 3 days. Ask Court. *laugh*

I could tell you, I almost put notes on all of them [there isn't *that* much] but I thought I'd be nice.

Now to see if I have the energy to do the graphic part...