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Fic: Headlights on Dark Roads - Chapter 2

Title: Headlights on Dark Roads
Chapter: 2/?
Author: Nora [remember_nomore/simply_shiny]
Pairing: Tara, Angel, Lindsey [smooshed together at some point]
Rating: PG [Currently]
Word Count: 1,810
Authors Note: Next part, hopefully this came out how I wanted to. This fic seems to have a mind of it's own. Feedback is love.

Tara hurried through her small apartment, pulling up the couch cushions and muttering under her breath, “Where is that book? I need it to study!” A small whimper escaped her lips as she huffed down in the chair, gasping when she landed square on one of the many kitten toys scattered around the apartment. Pulling it out from under her she tossed it across the room and crossed her arms over her chest. “Where on earth did that book go?”

There was a crinkling sound on the other end of the couch as her eight-week-old calico kitten was wrestling with the very book she was searching for. With a gasp she half lunged over to the other end of the couch. “Books are not chew toys!” Lovingly she scooped up the kitten into her arms and rescued the book with the other; leaning in she kissed the kitten on the nose. “Silly little girl, don’t you know you’re not a puppy?” she teased, setting the kitten down on the floor before picking her knees up and settling on the couch to read over her book.

“If I don’t learn these drinks Mort is going to kill me, not to mention I’m sure Lorne would appreciate it if I knew how to make his drink of choice.” Tara wasn’t pleased with having to send off the drink orders that she didn’t know how to make; it made the tips less and caused her to work twice as hard to make enough to pay the rent. Not that this place was a palace or anything, but the need for electric and hot water was a bit more than needed; especially after working nearly twelve hours at the club.

Roughly she ran her fingers through her hair, tipping her head back and sighing heavily before blinking a few times and turning back to the book with fresh eyes. “Okay, let’s start over.” She pulled the book open to the vodka chapter and looked up the ingredients for a sea breeze. “Well, okay…vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juice…that shouldn’t be too hard.” Chewing her bottom lip thoughtfully she tried to remember another drink name someone had asked her for. “Oh, okay so this one needs cranberry juice, lime and southern comfort.”

An hour later her head was still spinning from all the different drinks, but she was confident that she knew a few more drinks than she did before and thankfully the book was small enough to fit into her back pocket.

Tara got off of the couch and started to pull her clothes off as she headed to her bedroom, past her bed and straight into the shower. The hot water felt good against her skin as she washed her hair quickly. It hung darkly around her face and shoulders as she wrapped a towel around herself and padded barefoot into her bedroom. Tara quickly picked out a pair of black jeans and a dark blue V-neck top with long sleeves; after pulling her hair up in a clip she was ready to head out.

Even though it was a shady LA neighborhood at night it was still a beautiful walk, the breeze was cool against her skin and faintly smelled of salt water. It made her wonder if she’d ever get to the beach anytime soon, she’s been in LA for months and has yet to dip her toes in the ocean.

A noise behind her startled her, she gasped and spun around, her hand digging in her pocket for a small potion bottle she kept with her at all times. “Hello?” There was no answer and Tara felt uneasy as she hunched her shoulders over more to pull her jacket up over her shoulders. She quickened her pace and turned down the street for the bar, smiling at Simon – Lorne’s door man who just happened to be a Voynok demon – as she entered the club, shrugging off her jacket and feeling a bit of the safety that is the protection and nonviolence spell that surrounded the bar.

“Hey there, goldilocks. How’d your final go?”

Tara smiled and slipped on her apron, pushing her jacket under the counter. It was sweet of Lorne to ask her something so simple as how her life and school was going outside of work. “Okay, it was English and I had to write two essay’s. I think I did alright.”

“That’s wonderful; I knew you could do it.” He grinned and his red eyes shined brightly as he finished his drink and set it down on the counter. “Mort?” Lorne looked over Tara’s shoulder and gestured for a refill.

Before Mort could take it, Tara picked up the glass and kept muttering to herself the contents she had read in her book earlier. With slow movements she started to make his sea breeze, topping it with a wedge of lemon instead of lime, as she knew he liked. “Here,” she said simply, handing him the glass as she smiled nervously and waited for him to try it; hoping she didn’t mess something up and have him think she was trying to kill him.

Lorne’s eyes widened over the edge of the glass and a big grin crossed his face as he set the half empty glass down. “Well I’ll be, Tara you’re going to make one man quite a happy drunk at the rate you’re going.” She laughed in reply, blushing slightly and feeling proud all the same. “I still don’t know as to why a pretty face like you is single.”

Tara started to answer but a man came up behind Lorne and seemed dead set on getting his attention. “Would you like a drink sir?”


“Sure he would. I think Angelkins would like a bloody mary, a real kind please.” Lorne pulled the taller man away before he could protest any further, leaving Tara alone behind the bar to make the requested drink, looking out into the club she noticed that more people – and demons – had started to filter in, filling up the club once again.

Another night; another dollar.


“Don’t know what you want me to say to you, Peaches.” Lorne shrugged and sipped his sea breeze, nudging the other glass to Angel for him to drink.

“I came here for answers, Lorne,” Angel persisted, crossing his arms and leaning against the near wall. “These riddles are…”

“Never were a patient manpire, Angelkins; I’ve told you that things will answer themselves in their own time. I know what happened with…” The look on Angel’s face made Lorne pause from saying Doyle’s name, “…it was unfortunate but if it was part of an even bigger divine plan than that’s how it has to be.”

“And Cordy leaving me?”

“She didn’t leave you,” Lorne sighed, contemplating that maybe he needed a stronger drink. “Her plan was always to become an actress.”

“But…” Angel sighed, feeling defeated and glancing up at the stage, watching as yet another demon sang a song off key.

He felt a hand on his arm and he turned back to face Lorne. “Don’t think about it, I don’t think my patrons can stand another verse of Mandy; I told you all the answers you need right now. You might not have a gang here but you aren’t alone; the tide is turning and you’re going to hear the music soon enough.”

Angel didn’t want to admit that Lorne might be even a little bit right and decided to give up for the night, he got back to his feet and passed Lorne, not even casting a glance at the bar to see Lindsey lurking in the corner.


Tara did her best to ignore him; the last thing she wanted or needed was yet another demon in human guise tries to pick her up. And he was doing it badly at that; it might be due to the fact that he had at least three TNT’s too many by now. Nobody should be at a bar and drinking like a fish as he is.

“Do you need a cab home sir?”

Lindsey looked up from his glass, his eyes narrowing at her. “Told ya to call me Lindsey. I remembered your name,” he muttered, “am I that forgettable?”

It was clear by now that he was as drunk as she thought. “Lindsey; you should go home, I think you’ve had enough.” Tentatively she reached out and touched his hand, using the other to pull his half filled whiskey glass from his fingers. “We should get you a cab. You can’t drive home.”

“Stop,” he pulled his arm away from her. “What is it with you women always finding your way to make a man feel helpless?” It was obvious to Tara that he was drunk; with a heavy sigh she looked at him and waited for him to make the next move. “I ain’t helpless,” he slurred, his eyes narrowing at her.

“Sir, you need to leave, I think you’ve had enough to drink and let me call a cab for you.”

“I don’t need a cab.” With an exasperated sigh, Lindsey looked past her, trying to get his thoughts together as he wondered why there was two of this girl. Holland didn’t say anything about twins…

“Fine, have some coffee,” she pressed, turning to fill a cup with hot black coffee, she always made it stronger as the night went for moments like this. He shook his head like he was five, pressing his lips together defiantly. “I’ll keep you company.” For some reason he grinned and she sighed, reaching for her glass of coke behind the bar and brought them quietly to a booth nearby.

Lindsey slid into the booth quietly and grumbled, not making any effort to drink the coffee. With a heavy sigh Tara started to move out of the seat, not planning on sitting and watching him sulk while Mort gets all of the tips from the night.

She gasped when a hand tightened on her wrist. “You said I’d get some company.”

Quirking her brow, Tara pulled her arm from his grip. “Drink and I’ll stay.” She crossed her arms and waited until he finally relented and picked up the mug, making a show of taking a drink of the bitter liquid. “I’ll stay for a bit, I’m s-still on the clock.”

Lindsey smirked into his mug, keeping his eyes on her as she sank back down into the booth, looking defeated as she helped him sober up. He was far from a fool and every cell in his body was on point and ready for his next move. This case was going to be done right – regardless of Lilah’s tormenting – and if it took a bit of time, then it did. But there was no way Lindsey wasn’t going to get this girl.
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