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Kinkathon Entry: Bound [Buffy/Faith/Angel NC-17]

Title: Bound
Author: Nora [simply_shiny/remember_nomore]
Rating: NC-17 [Smut people]
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Angel/Buffy/Faith
Word Count: 2,090
Warnings: It’s for a kinkathon… if you want vanilla go elsewhere
Authors Note: for carlyinrome’s Kinkathon for a2zmom. These aren’t my strongest characters so hopefully I did them some just.
Prompt: Angel/Buffy/Faith, spanking, bondage, clamps & cockring

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Christmas Fic!: First Christmas [Angel/Lindsey/Tara - PG-13]

A little ficlet that's been kind of poking in my head and formed a life of it's own. Don't ask me where this mostly came from, the bickering between the boy's is just natrual.
This little ficlet is for strangecreature & chlare who are my Lindsey and Angel. To novascotiasam who is always my biggest Lindsey chearleader.

Merry Christmas one and all. [I could list all the holidays but this Jew likes Christmas. lol]

Title: First Christmas
Author: Nora [remember_nomore/simply_shiny]
Pairing: Angel/Lindsey/Tara
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2114 [I don't think this could be called 'ficlet' as it was intended...]
Authors Note: I think this is somewhere in the verse of Headlights & Dark Roads [which I fully intend to finish this year! For my Lindsey and Angel who love my girl endlessly.

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Darla - No Saint

12 - Grey for sbound_train

Title: Midnight Whispers
Author: Nora [remember_nomore/simply_shiny]
Pairing: Eve, Darla, Lindsey
Rating: PG
Prompt: 12 - Grey
Word Count: 1263
Authors Note: No idea where the surreal-ness came from, I don’t argue with my muse; I know better.
Note: I think my mind is playing tricks on me or telling me that I don’t play Eve too much anymore. Who knows. Started writing and let the bunny take over from there. Just enjoy the ride. The prompt is in here somewhere... *cough*

I'm not programed for this...
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Fic! [52 - Fire] Heartbeat

Title: Heartbeat
Author: Nora [remember_nomore/simply_shiny]
Pairing: Lindsey, Tara
Rating: PG
Prompt: 47 - Heart
Word Count: 830
Authors Note: No idea where the surreal-ness came from, I don’t argue with my muse; I know better.
Note: I know I am abusively late with this, you know how I work and my stupid muse kept flashing this gorram picture in my head and wouldn’t give me the right words to write it… Sheesh.

I'm not sure how I got here, but I don't think I can leave without you....
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38 - Touch [Dead Like Me]

Title: A Simple Moment
Author: Nora [remember_nomore/simply_shiny]
Pairing: Mason/Daisy
Rating: G/PG
Prompt: 38 - Touch
Word Count: 306
Authors Note: So it took me a while with RL and all to write this out but I am in my favorite thinking place and this just kind of poured outta me. I've never written DLM verse before so hopefully this holds up. Daisy/Mason are so my otp.

If only...
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Lindsey - Shattered

Somewhere In Between - Chapter 3 [AtS]

Title: Somewhere In Between
Author: Nora [simply_shiny/remember_nomore]
Chapter: 3 of ?
Word Count: 1,161
Characters: Lilah, Lindsey, Tara, Wesley
Rating: R [Eventually]
Warning: It’s out of my brain… C’mon, what do you expect? Mild slash warning as well.
Fic Notes: AU. AU is an authors best friend. Things will become clear as the story goes on. Then again it's not that far off canon...
Authors Notes: I know I haven't updated this in a while and this chapter is a bit shorter than before but hopefully things will come into play easily for the future chapters. This is mostly a transition chapter.
Previous chapters found here

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Lindsey - Suspicions

Headlights on Dark Roads - Chapter 1 [AtS]

Title: Headlights on Dark Roads
Chapter: 1/?
Author: Nora [remember_nomore/simply_shiny]
Pairing: Tara, Angel, Lindsey [smooshed together at some point]
Rating: PG [Currently]
Word Count: 1,643
Authors Note: I blame chlare for this 1000%. Then again this is just fun to blame on someone. Title from a Snow Patrol song – that’s quite fitting actually.

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